One stop talent shopping at Soundhouse Studio

With over 25 years in the music business, the roster of professionals available to our clients requiring vocals, session musicians or narrative talent, is vast.

Soundhouse supplies the network to aid clients in contracting respected pro talent that’s the right fit for their production.

Custom music in a wide variety of genres is available for commercials, film, TV, games, corporate video and client originals.

International Contracts

Interational contracts are received by Soundhouse for a variety of media requiring V/O and/or musical tracks. Project requirements are discussed with client and services contracted. Soundhouse supplies agreed talent contracted for the project then relays the track(s) via upload via Dropbox, etc.. Payment is processed via E-trans, Credit or PayPal.



Cyndi Richards - Voice-over Talent for Hire

Contracted for on-line and in-house voice over and vocals


As well as in-studio session work, Cyndi is hired locally and internationally on-line as a female voice over and vocal artist through Soundhouse Studio.

On-line requests are discussed and contracted then with script and/or music/notation supplied by client, the material is recorded at Soundhouse Studio. After approval of the client, tracks are uploaded via Drop Box or We Transfer, making this service truly available internationally.

Commercial, character, narrative voice over and vocals are available for client projects: commercials, corporate, animation, film, client demos, books on tape, custom audio greetings and ringtones - any audio for any project.

Please Contact Soundhouse Studio for more information or to book Cyndi Richards for voice-over projects.

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