What’s the Hum? The Latest Happenings around Soundhouse Studio

The Dedbeats-Welcome Back Kotter

Music/Video Production for our clients that have recorded at or thru Soundhouse Studio Toronto. Turning recording sessions into video for our clients

ATW – Like a Rock

A heartfelt offering to COVID-19 FRONTLINERS from Soundhouse Studio (production) and Against The Wind (band)

FLOWERS FOR DANIEL: Algerons Friolet and Cody Haché

Just another day at the office for Algerons Friolet (accoustic/lead vox) and Cody Haché (drums) of “FLOWERS FOR DANIEL”

FLOWERS FOR DANIEL original “Little Birdies”

Mixing session @ Soundhouse with John Jamieson

Total Recall Show Band rehearsal

A “behind the scenes” peek at THE TOTAL RECALL SHOW BAND in rehearsal for June/16 corporate gig in downtown T.O.

Building the new Soundhouse

“A picture is worth a thousand words” the saying goes…for the Soundhouse Studio reno – a picture is worth more like a million+ words!!! Click and view a quick summary of the studio “Before and Afters” – it’s been an … Read More

Scoring Cue for the Film “Advocate”

Scoring for film and TV is like the fifth Beatle – you don’t notice until it’s missing. Sir George Martin could always walk about freely without creating the screaming mob that exploded around those 4 other lads, but, the significant … Read More

Live Studio Jam

Question: What do you get when you put 4 musicians in a room? Answer: Spontaneous combustion!!! January 27th, 2013 Live off the floor impromptu jam @ Soundhouse West with Adam Langley (guitar), Adam O’Connor (drums), Ron Bucknam (bass), John Jamieson … Read More