Soundhouse Studio has 25+ yrs Experience

Soundhouse Studio

Recording Mixing and Mastering

Vocal, music and narrative projects that are tracked in our studio, another facility, live or in your own home studio will be tweaked ready to export, meeting the industry standard requirement for media format requested.

Finished project can be delivered via hard copy and/or digital upload ex: Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

aka: “gettin’ the sugar and spice and everything nice”

IN-HOUSE: live off the floor and overdubs are laid down using quality gear and programming – all skillfully engineered to the finest detail for each project. All engineering fees are included in our hourly recording rate.

aka: “cookin’ up some ear candy!”

Hybrid digital/analog mixing to reflect each client’s individual personality and project requirements

Attended: enjoy being part of the process in-house

Unattended: save your money and your time simply by uploading files to our experienced staff, discuss the end product and let us adjust the tracks during studio “down- time” – evenings, weekends, holidays with rate savings passed on to you.

aka: Sonic sweetening

“makin’ sure everyone’s candy weighs the same”

Attended and unattended options.

Composing, Arranging and Production

Project direction and quality is achieved when artists/clients feel comfortable in the Studio surroundings and the people they are working with. We are here with the experience of 25+ years to oversee each unique process:

Guiding Project Direction

  • supplying options and ideas
  • discussing song and/or musician choices
  • coaching and supporting artists/musicians during recording
  • supervising through the mix/master stage
  • …and insisting on coffee breaks and hugs for decompression

Talent For Hire

One stop talent shopping at Soundhouse Studio

With over 25 years in the music business, the roster of professionals available to our clients requiring vocals, session musicians or narrative talent, is vast.

Soundhouse supplies the network to aid clients in contracting respected pro talent that’s the right fit for their production.

Custom music in a wide variety of genres is available for commercials, film, TV, games, corporate video and client originals.

Cyndi Richards:

Voice-over Talent for Hire

As well as in-studio session work, Cyndi is hired locally and internationally on-line as a female voice over and vocal artist through Soundhouse Studio.

On-line requests are discussed and contracted then with script and/or music/notation supplied by client, the material is recorded at Soundhouse Studio. After approval of the client, tracks are uploaded via Drop Box or We Transfer, making this service truly available internationally.

Commercial, character, narrative voice over and vocals are available for client projects: commercials, corporate, animation, film, client demos, books on tape, custom audio greetings and ringtones – any audio for any project.

Please Contact Soundhouse Studio for more information or to book Cyndi Richards for voice-over projects.

Additional Talent for Hire

Project Development

There are always questions and concerns when it comes time to commit to a project – the best way is to talk about your expectations and then discuss how to deliver on that considering timeline and budget.

You’ve gotta like the people you go on the journey with. Obviously we surround ourselves with the creative and look forward to lending a hand…more like an ear, so your currently intangible vision becomes a reality that’s all polished up and ready to shine!!! Contact us – we’ll tawk.