John Jamieson
Soundhouse Studio

Co-owner Soundhouse Studio

Composer, Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Musician

The piano picked John long before his parents even owned one. His connection with this instrument was so strong that when he was 10 years old to 13, he’d put on Elton John albums, roll out a paper keyboard on the dining room table and pretend it was his Grand Piano. He’d constantly drag a keyboard home after school and ride the TTC to The Ontario Science Centre each weekend where he’d hang out for 5-6 hrs so he could play the plexi-upright piano they had as a “hands-on” display for visitors – John was definitely “hands-on” and loved the people gathering around to listen… he also loved the sugar donuts he could buy with his pocket change.

John Jamieson’s Work: SCGC/SOCAN/BMI

Featured Audio Projects: Composer

Random Thoughts – (From A Paralyzed Mind)
CD Co-producer, engineer – track, mix/master

Starlight Pyrotechnics, Opera Luminata

Gene Pool/Sincerely
CD Co-producer/engineer/track/mix/master

Featured Video Projects: Composer

Said and Done Productions
YAMAHA – Motor Division
TV commercial

Tim Hortons
50th Anniversary
Corporate Video

Dave Mercer
Facts of Fishing
TV theme

HILL’s Video Production
Acorn Stair Lift
Video short

“PiGS” The Movie
Film score

Promark Productions
Canadian Tire Shell Motor Oil

TV commercial

Selected Project Archive:

Perfect Sphere Productions

Cash For Gold Campaign – Indiana Jones
Cash For Gold Campaign – The Gambler

Hill’s Video Productions

Ultramatic Beds Campaign – Just the Facts
Ultramatic Beds Campaign – Jumping for Joy

Promark Productions


Chum Network

(TV Theme)

Hill’s Video Production
The Last Cull

(TV Theme)

The Last Cull Theme

Eureaka Productions
Secret Planes

Promark Productions
Dirtrax / Snowtrax

Hill’s Video Production
Portrait of Victoria (Film Short)

Reimagination Inc.
Advocate (Feature Film)

Hill’s Video Production
Homes For Kids