Please contact us to discuss our reasonable rates for your individual project.
All rates include in- house professional engineer.

We offer hourly/daily/block rates for:

  • Recording
  • Mixing: attended & unattended
  • Mastering: attended & unattended
  • CUSTOM: special rates for full production packages
  • Composition, arranging and production rates are negotiated on a per project basis
  • Studio rental space: pls contact us to discuss your usage ideas and expectations
  • Booking of session musicians/vocalists varies and will be agreed before tracking begins


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We offer the following payment methods:

  • eTRANS
  • VISA & MASTERCARD (3% service charge calculated on before tax balance)
  • DEBIT (no service charge)

All payments are payable to: Soundhouse Studio and hired artists upon co mpletion of session unless otherwise agreed.

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