Cyndi Richards

Co-owner Soundhouse Studio

Singer/songwriter, actor, writer, artist SOCAN/ASCAP, ACTRA/TMA

Observing the entertainment business first hand through her parents prepared Cyndi to embrace her legacy – her life in the arts.

Cyndi’s Mom, Billie Mae Richards, created the much-loved voice of ‘Rudolph’ in the 1964 Christmas classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with Burl Ives – one of many during her lengthy career in radio and TV. Her father, well-known jazz violinist Bill Richards, was musical director for many artists on the Canadian music scene and enjoyed a lengthy career as studio, TV and show orchestra musician.

Cyndi Richards Work: SOCAN/ASACP

Featured Vocal Projects

Said and Done Productions
YAMAHA – Motor Division
TV commercial – V/O and Vocals

Rock ‘n Roll Heaven Sick Kids Benefit
Live Lead Vox
The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd Cover

Royal Distributing
V/O TV Commercial

Markus CD
Background Vocals
Brahm’s Lullaby

Car Nation Canada V/O -“Wear It Pink” Campaign
TV Commercial

Car Nation Canada V/O -“Share a Toy” Holiday Campaign

Selected Project Archive:

Remagination Inc.
ADVOCATE (feature film theme)

Play Me Forever

Moveme Inc.
Symphony Dark (film)

Shades of Black

HILL’S Video
TSN-The Last Cull (TV theme)

The Last Cull Theme

Sajjad Music
Where I Belong (CD)

Far AwaySajjad

Soundhouse Studio
Client demo tracks
(lead vocal)

But You (Lyric Music: Shiraz Tayyeb)

Cyndi Richards/Karolina Ingleton/Stella Rezgo
Current Live (Lead and BG vocals)


Soundhouse Studio
Client demo tracks
(lead vocal)

(Lyric Music: Jim Manolakos)

HILL’S Video
Lynden Park Mall, Radio
(Commercial VO and vocal)

LPM Mothers Day mix

Brian Liss
Lisseries Volume 1
Intensely Disturbed (CD)

In the Night – Billy Dee Williams

Hill’s Video
Radio Commercial

CNIB Shades of Fun Day

Brian Liss
Lisseries Volume 1 Intensely Disturbed (CD)
Lead narration

Shroud for the Dead – Brian Liss

Performing as a voice over artists has always been a fave of Cyndi’s. She witnessed her Mom, (Billie Mae Richards, voice of Rudolph in the 1964 classic with Burl Ives), performing at Studio “G” in the original, gracious and iconic CBC building on Jarvis St, Toronto. Watching through the glass from the control room while doing homework from public school, Cyndi had a bird’s eye view of cast and sound FX teams working their magic that brought life to popular shows her Mom worked on during the “hey-day” of CBC radio.

The following MP3s highlight narrative, commercial and vocal samples showcasing the variety of techniques Cyndi uses when contracted for voice over projects.

Kleenex mix


Royal Bank





The Chronicles of Roy G. Biv

Writing and illustrations by Cyndi Richards. Narrated by the voice of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (from the TV classic)

The Chronicles of Roy G Biv is penned and illustrated by Cyndi Richards. A project that came full circle when the Chronicles were scored by John Jamieson and narrated by Cyndi and her Mom, Billie Mae Richards, (the voice of Rulolph in the 1964 Christmas Classic with Burl Ives).