Billy Dee Williams Lisseries Album

Brian Liss of Liss Galleries on Yorkville brought his project “Lisseries Vol 1 Intensely Disturbed” to Soundhouse in 2011. Each piece of his poetry read by a roster of talent including Billy Dee Williams and Robert Gordon.

John performed with Pat Kelly at Comic Con 2011 with Mr. Williams performing the 2 tracks he recorded for the CD.

Billy Dee Williams doing poetry at Toronto Comicon

Billy Dee Williams performing @ Comic Con Toronto Mar-19-2011

Robert Gordon

Internationally known for 12 albums (1977 – 2014) in his baritone neo-rockabilly styling came to Soundhouse from the south U.S. to narrate “Savage Beast” and “Scars Embedded” for the Lisseries CD. His booming voice and sense of humour filled the studio, an awesome time with a genuine and truly nice guy.