My Music & Me

SOUNDHOUSE STUDIO, is proud to be involved with ELEMENTS SUPPORT SERVICES innovative and industry challenging program – My Music & Me – to provide the unique support that only music can offer, enriching the rehabilitation plan for survivors of brain trauma.

The professionalism of John and Cyndi, mixed with authentic caring and support, surrounds all clients at Soundhouse with ease and the confidence to build on their skills and enjoy each session while looking forward to the next. 

“The people we get to work with through ESS, experience a customized session that includes them in the process of recording the genre of music that they most enjoy, while always focusing on integrating their talents to the fullest as they heal and grow throughout their process – small victories that allow them to transform their lives. They begin as clients and always become friends.”

ELEMENTS and SOUNDHOUSE combine to make My Music & Me – the most effective path toward the success of Brain Injury Rehabilitation now and into the future.

How you live tomorrow

depends on the support

you receive today.