The Pandemic Interviews – Conversations in a Changing Time

Soundhouse Studio is proud to now have partnered with Pat, recording these interviews for full audio quality. Truly an inspiring episodic glimpse into the wealth of Canadian musicians that have been the founders and continue to be such a vital part of international music today.

Pat Blythe Podcast presents: Conversations with Canadian artists in 2020/21…how the pandemic is impacting their lives both personally and professionally.

Their rich stories are filled with a magic – a backstage pass to memories full of ups, downs and in-betweens. Memories for those who shared them within the industry and others that can now listen to these talented people.

Pat’s vision was to have artists share what they were going through when COVID-19 first changed all our lives and how it continued to impact the music industry, creativity and dealing with isolation from the things these musicians have built their lives on.

“The Pandemic Interviews – Conversations in a Changing Time”, have expanded and continue to grow as Pat and Soundhouse explore more ways to engage with the wealth of talent we have in this country and capture the grass roots of our musical history so it is honoured and preserved.