Vocal, music and narrative projects that are tracked in our studio, another facility, live or in your own home studio will be tweaked ready to export, meeting the industry standard requirement for media format requested.

Finished project can be delivered via hard copy and/or digital upload ex: Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.



aka: “gettin’ the sugar and spice and everything nice”

IN-HOUSE: live off the floor and overdubs are laid down using quality gear and programming - all skillfully engineered to the finest detail for each project. All engineering fees are included in our hourly recording rate.

rec funny


aka: “cookin’ up some ear candy!”

Hybrid digital/analog mixing to reflect each client’s individual personality and project requirements

Attended: enjoy being part of the process in-house

Unattended: save your money and your time simply by uploading files to our experienced staff, discuss the end product and let us adjust the tracks during studio “down- time” – evenings, weekends, holidays with rate savings passed on to you.


aka: Sonic sweetening

“makin’ sure everyone’s candy weighs the same”

Attended and unattended options.


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